1. Tokyo

From the recording Wolfgang Tatum EP

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Produced by Premise
Recorded at The Brewery Studio in Brooklyn, NY
Mixed & Mastered by Andrew Krivonos


I’m headed out to Tokyo
Just me, my girl, my racks
Just might fuck around and run that bitch
I’m never coming back
Naw, I’m bugging, I stay puffing
Can’t go hundred on a sack
In that capital, I’m back in full
Snapping for that plaque (BLAOW!)

[Verse 1]
Fresh off at Haneda, left from JFK on one-way
“Domo arigato,” out the bird and off the runway (Arigato!)
Make it home by Monday just isn’t on my to-do
Walking streets of Harajuku, wallet sumo, duckets beaucoup
(WOO!) I’ma have raised eyes photos
Take it in, raising a round, bet I’m gon’ drank my ‘poros
(Drank it all) Market in tizzy when they harkening ditties
That I scrawled then record, get I’m rawer than nigiri, hear me
Targeting me with a written, illing, stop your pen stroke
Kira on that cadence, Light Yagami with the death note
Bodying some endo turned to bodying Nintendo
Anywhere I roam, that hook sticking like it’s kendo
(Let’s go)



[Verse 2]
Now if I had knew the dude I’m cooling with
Drew Yakuza hits, woulda chucked the deuce and split…
But I didn’t…
It was all chill for a minute
Racking bar bills with my new friend
When the goons spot him as a loose end
Start to move in, put my drink down
For the beatdown, then almost to the beat sounds
**bbrrat tat tat** “Oh shit!” Look to the left: Taka pulled a Uzi
“Can’t talk about it, follow me and don’t lose me”
Kawasaki throttled; “Hope you both know how to use these”
And we raced away, changing lanes, blades are raising narrowly behind us
Weave and bob Shibuya cross, almost lost it, neon in my iris
“Push the button!” homie screamed as he ducked an underling
Pushed it, turned to Gundam Wing, all of sudden things looking up for me
Catching all the others and I punt ‘em through a billboard
Teppanyaki chop all the rest with their lil’ swords
Clear ‘em out, Taka waved and he left
Say peace then jet in the mech


Mech AI: “Hello, Wolfgang. Setting course for Brooklyn, New York.”

Wolfgang: “Naw, we going back to Cali first.”