1. Ease Up

From the recording Wolfgang Tatum EP

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Ease Up

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Produced by Epik The Dawn
Recorded at The Brewery Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY
Mixed & Mastered by Andrew Krivonos


Hear my sound, you can roll them trees up
In my town, man, I been known to speak up
I been known for deep puffs, deep thought, deep stroke
Haters in my face catching free smoke
Know the stack raise steadily, sack stay evergreen
Cruising with a bad chick, bet she be hella sweet
Turn her out, make her sing, Tina with the melody
Wolfgang Puck with the recipe, lemme eat
Steady heat what I bring like a stove top
I’m just coming in for my piece like a smoke shop
In the ground when the flow stop
Old crop so the next gen can grow bops, you gon’ watch

Hear my sound, you can roll them trees up
In my town, man, I been known to speak up
No lounging, been on the low down
And I might’ve broke down but I’ll never ease up

Never brake, act ‘stead of hesitate
Rap game heavyweight at last, Etta James
I’ma sing it til it ring true; in the ring, sifu
I see through your weak dupes
I be smooth, scribble hits Jiffy quick
Fiddle with your ligaments, women willed into wiggled hips (WOO!)
Hit a lick ‘cause my soft skills draw bills
Talk fill the wallet, make you raw meal, dawg chill
Dogs heel, Wolf be the babyface
WOOF go the sub, kick a scrub with the weighty bass
Play the ace, I’m a ten; I’m a gem
I’ma pop ‘em out proper with a pen, and again and again


Ease back, tree sap sticking on me
Omnivorous, I’ll eat up anybody
Stellar heading towards me ‘cause I been absorbing
Now I’m shuttle boarding, on to terraform
World changer…if y’all don’t think, then
Y’all got me fucked up, Vince Carter in a dunk tank
Carter in the drunk tank, I be making trunks shake
While I’m on the way to making dumb bank
Who the dude that can burn it down?: WOLF GANG!
And who be the crew that be rolling loud?: WOLF GANG!
Show your color: mood swang, groove with your boo thang
King got your rook slain, now let the hook bang