1. No Lie

From the recording Wolfgang Tatum EP

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No Lie

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Produced by Mixtape Seoul
Recorded at The Brewery Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY
Mixed & Mastered by Andrew Krivonos
Additional vocals by Eryn Barnes



Straight shooter like a Colt magnum
Got a Daiquiri, she sipping on an Old Fashioned
Not the rum talking, I just cut to the chase
Stay a man of my word so you can trust what I say
‘Cause why lie? Weave webs? Lead to sticky situations
Need to keep it factored in and add it to equations
That’s wack, dead that, never had it ne-cro-manced
Lesser echoed past, lesser clever stabs
At pulling wool over others eyes
I’m no undercover spy, 007 type
I ain’t go no reason to mislead
So we can have a dope evening if you keep
On the level with me, f-ing with me, that gon be a minimum
Tell me if you salty, don’t be pelting me with cinnamon
Can’t do it, can’t permit it
But on the real, if that’s the bar, it ain’t too much handle, is it?

Miss me with that bullshit
‘Cause me? I just don’t got the time
Anything that would slip
All me, y’all see? Got nothing to hide
Please don’t try to hoodwink
In a blink, I’ma read in between the lines, you
Scared of what I would think
But go on, speak your mind, it’s fine

Why are you lying?
Why do you lie?
If we can’t be real
Why waste our time?

Like building on a quicksand trap
Foundation shaking? Disband STAT
Impasse had, let your walls down
Let me know the real you, let me know your flaws, how
You be thinking, how you feel, how you see the world around
Add you to my circle now long as you can hold it down
Keep it real with me, I’ma keep it real with you
You ain’t with it, I ain’t in the mood…


‘Cause a person before me that’s performing
Won’t allow me to absorb their nuances, forge
The basis of relationships that make this life…whole, see
Platonic and not, honesty’s gotta be the cornerstone
Or I’ll go, not looking back, to and fro; it’s a simple code
Say what you mean to me, and mean what you say
You can’t do it, I’ma be on my way
I’ma be on my way