From the recording Wolfgang Tatum EP

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Back For More ft. Bairi

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Featuring Bairi
Produced by Krikit Boi
Recorded at The Brewery Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY
Mixed & Mastered by Andrew Krivonos



[Verse 1]
Been a few moons, finally moved past her
Seen her with a new dude, hope it’s truly happy ever after
Boohoos are bye bye, back on my focus
Not ready for steady, but at least I’m ready to notice
Penning and scrolling more too, “Can I get your two
Cents on this record that I made?” I messaged to this dame
Used to kick it with; heavy topic, feedback was needed
Goosebumps giver? “Yes,” told me I succeeded
“Tight, glad it made you feel something” and I left it at that
…Then she messaged me back, and when I read it, she asked
If we could see each other soon, it’d been a minute
“Free today?” Hooked it up for later, came to visit
Looked exquisite, caught up, good chat kept my interest
Topic shifted and we got to business
Bid her well, exchanged compliments on technique
Texted her, “You left your earrings,” “Guess I’ll get ‘em next week”

[Hook - Bairi]
Walking in with bad intention
Gimme all your fake affection, boy
Don’t look into my eyes when you finish
Running off but I’ll be running back in a minute
You can be my boyfriend for the night
You can be my boyfriend for the night
But when the sun rise, it’s time to go

[Verse 2]
Weekly regimen…now I get my cardio
Peaches cream scene, pipe clean on my Mario
Dive deep, water level, aww, you better brace
‘Til expressions on your face read thanks
Emptied out the tank, and I’ve sank back; end it with a play slap
Plummet from the summit, and we chilling back at base camp
Expedition to resume when replenished
Gotta satisfy your appetite for seconds
Grabbing and choking turns laughing and joking
Packing and smoking after acts of ravenous motion
Happily dozing off and drifting; hot potato in your mittens
Baked off today, pie and cakes be winning ribbons
Love it in the kitchen, beg your pardon if I’m dripping
If you need the heavy cream, steadily I’m whipping, Iron Chef-like
“Til the next time,” then she drives off, walk back in the crib
Ht the shower, quarter hour then I’m back on my biz, ay


[Verse 3]
Today’s preference: aggressive or gentle?
Really, any style’s headed to refreshing my mental
Girl, I’m thankful for the days I get to stay in your temple
My meditation, alms cause shaking and trembles
Palms pressed, lost stress, ain’t trying to find it
Off chest, still tempering my self-reliance
I’ve gone West, not looking for a nest to climb in
Definitely not a ring finger, giving diamonds
That’s why I like this: untethered between us, mingle and frolic
Have fun when you wanna, I won’t be bent out or bothered
By it, in fact, I’ma try it, the whole sow oats and what not
Before I grow old and lose it up top, I’m only human
While it lasts dope, over at your say so
Safe travels on the day you think to hit the main road
Rock it how you wanna, til then I won’t play ‘round
We bother getting raucous, can’t stop until you’re space bound
(Now lay down)