1. Golden

From the recording Wolfgang Tatum EP

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Recorded at The Brewery Recording Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Andrew Krivonos


[Verse 1]
In paper chasing, the game is patience
Been out the loop though, the gaze been vacant
Out my soup bowl, noodle fried, attitude of do or die euthanized
Chop-chop with it if I’m gonna hit that sui-, right?
Bright side, might find the mic input
Insulate it every time, build lines, drill hooks
Bated breath snapper fishing gray matter
Wish of finding something that be switching off this swayed grammar
Stamina hammered, Mjolnir for full years
Stole my thunder just when I was floating on a Goodyear
Zeppelin led astray, filling resin in the tray
Gremlins in the mental, they profession is to drain
Everything I got, everything that’s good, everything I built
Everything I would do, every bit of will
Bit of chill is needed, may concede into a bitter pill
Summer up, bitten by the winter chill…for real

It be holding, holding, holding the reins
It been controlling, trolling, controlling the brain
Feel like I’m going, going, going insane
But if I grow through the pain, then I’ll be golden I think…

[Verse 2]
Been up for hours, queen sleeping on her namesake
Thanking lucky stars, still waiting on the day break
Turned a Mayday call into a gray haze
Warring on myself, cease fire on the melee
Kick it on my Pelé, that’s the endgame
Decent distance but she’s ain’t tripping on the leg strain
Love the pen game, interest in the rest of me
Even when the rest of me in entropy…
Let it breath, watch her do the same
Stray ray resting on her face through the windowpane
Lids lift and she grinning up, without her I could’ve given up
‘Stead I live in love, good for us, trust


[Post Hook]
I’ll be golden I think
I’ll be golden I think

[Verse 3 – 8 bars]
Profound wisdom from a sound system
Could be without vision but the sound missing would be foul living
Soak in all the wave, wash as it modulate
Lucid when I’m humid, just a human tryna mark the days
On the calendar, and make something of the X
Dash up on my tombstone something to respect
Drinking Dark and Stormies, all hands up to the deck
Treasure chest waiting if I don’t wreck
(Best protect ya neck!)
(Best protect ya neck!)

(Best protect ya neck!)
(Best protect ya neck!)
(Best protect ya neck!)
(Best protect ya neck!)
(I’ll be golden, I think)